Cross-Cutting Issues

During the 2012–2016 period, the RHD will play an advocacy role to ensure the adequate delivery of RH services in emergency conditions. The objective will be to create a plan to guide the implementation of RH programming in humanitarian settings. This will be used to guide RHOs, RH programme managers and health service providers to ensure RH services during emergencies. The strategic approach of the plan will attempt to meet the following conditions:

  •  Strengthen coordination and collaboration with the Emergency Preparedness and Response Office health cluster, the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority and BPHS implementers to ensure timely RH preparedness and response in emergencies by having RH represented on emergency committees at the national and provincial levels.
  • Advocate with implementing partners and the Emergency Preparedness and Response Office for the development and distribution of RH emergency kits.
  •   Increase health providers’ capacity for preparedness and response activities in RH services in emergencies.
  • Make sure the minimum RH services can be reached by affected RH target groups in emergencies.