Guiding Principles

This reproductive health (RH) strategy is based on the following core values and operational principles, which are in line with the Ministry of Public Health’s mission and vision and with the National Development Framework.

Core Values

  •  Human Rights: Based on a human rights approach, the RH strategy promotes the rights of all people, especially women and children, to life and the highest attainable standard of health.
  •  Gender: The strategy aims at promoting gender equality as the basis of RH programmes, especially maternal and newborn health programmes, by addressing the lower status of women and discrimination against women.
  •  Equity: The actions promoted within the strategy aspire to contribute toward decreasing the inequities in health in the country, with priority attention to the rural areas and poor and underserved groups.
  •  Culture: The strategy aims at improving reproductive health, highlighting maternal and newborn health through working with women, families, communities and policy makers and uses a culturally sensitive approach that takes into consideration the socio-cultural dimensions and specifics of the country.