M&E Guideline, May 2014

The Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan places reducing maternal and neonatal
deaths and improving the quality of reproductive health among its top priorities. Afghan families deserve
the highest possible standards of reproductive health. With this guideline, the Ministry demonstrates its
continued commitment to achieving its goal of making quality reproductive health services available to all
families in Afghanistan.
The MoPH’, in its National Strategic Plan (2011-2015), in STRATEGIC DIRECTION (6) mentioned re
IMPROVEMENT and has identified the need to ensure the availability, coordination, management,
distribution and use of accurate, reliable, and user-friendly health information via a number of activities;
including the routine collection of health information through the Health Management Information System,
Surveillance, as well as program monitoring and evaluation.
The role of the Reproductive Health Directorate is accurately defined as one of stewardship , the principal
activity of the Directorate, therefore, is not primarily one of providing services, but one of motivating,
advocating, guiding, linking, standard setting, monitoring and collaborating with its partners. The Ministry
considers this to be the most effective, efficient package and least costly way for RHD,
PPHDs/PPHOs/Provincial RH Officers and BPHS/EPHS implementing partners at central and provincial level
to regularly monitor and track the indicators and to achieve Ministry of Public Health as well as
Reproductive Health objectives and goals.
I would like to thank the Reproductive Health Directorate taking the lead of this initiative and the Working
Group members (M&E Directorate, HMIS Department, UNICEF and JICA/RHP2 for the energy it put into the
development of this important M&E guideline, I am confident that the RHD and its many partners as
mentioned above will coordinate their efforts in implementing this guideline and will succeed in developing
a strong partnership re improving the quality of health care services and access to reproductive and
maternal, neonatal and child health services in entire country.

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