MCH Home-Based Records Vitalization

This workshop intended to bring national governments, WHO, and UNICEF staff together with design professionals and other experts to maximize the role that home-based records can play in generating demand for vaccines and improving service delivery to ensure that more children receive vaccines on time.

The workshop that took place in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 14th to 17th March 2016 provided an opportunity to put into action principles outlined in the recently released WHO guidance on home-based records (Practical Guide for the Design, Use and Promotion of Home- Based Records in Immunization, World Health Organization 2015). The study visit includes exploration of the uses and users of home-based records, the role of design, and hands-on work to build prototypes of improved cards and develop action plans for post-workshop country level activities.


The objective of this visit was to optimize the quality, availability, and use of home-based records in participating countries. Through this four-day activity, participants working in country groups and cross-country collaborative teams will:

  • Identify and discuss challenges and gaps associated with the current use of home-based records
  • Uncover opportunities to improve the home-based record for demand generation and service delivery
  • Build prototypes of optimized records
  • Generate a concrete plan of action to implement changes following the workshop
  • Agree upon next steps to follow up and execute against plans


The workshop will include 3-5 participants per country team. These individuals included national government officials as well as staff from UNICEF, WHO and potentially other relevant agencies