Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) – Health Care Providers – Participants Guide

The Ministry of Public Health considers Respectful Maternal Care (RMC) as an essential component of “Quality Maternal and Newborn Health Services” and a priority to increase facility birth and ensure effective implementation of women’s rights in health services.
RMC refers to the humane and dignified treatment of a childbearing woman throughout her pregnancy, birth, and the period following childbirth. It respects her rights and choices through supportive communication, actions, and attitudes. Because disrespectful and abusive behaviors and environments degrade the quality of maternity care, identifying and addressing mistreatment is an important component of cultivating RMC in health facilities.
This resource package is designed to support health facility managers, health care providers, and communities to confront mistreatment during facility-based maternity care services and to promote respectful maternity care. This package is designed for trainers and participants at different levels of health facilities as well as for community health workers in two national languages of Dari and Pashtu.

English Dari Pashto