RMNCAH Mission in Nangarhar Province

A monitoring mission was conducted from RMNCAH to oversee the implementation of BPHS, EPHS Mentorship program in 3 Health facilities, AFGA clinic services, MSI clinic services, MCH Hand Book and Opening, Observation and coaching of Competency Based Training(CBT) FP training in Nangarhar province.

Objectives of the mission:
• To Review the implementation of BPHS, EPHS and follow up the FP Training in Nangarhar province
• To Follow-up progress of the recommendations of previous monitoring mission conducted before.
To accomplish the objective of the mission, the monitoring team held number of meetings with Nangarhar PPHD and NGOs (BPHS, EPHS) management teams to discuss mission objective as well as following health facilities in Koz Kunar, Goshta, Kama and Jalal Abad districts have been visited:

  1. Regional Hospital / EPHS (RMNCH unit)
  2. Goshtan CHC +
  3. Khewa CHC
  4. Sangar sarai CHC
  5. Shegai BHC
  6. Gardab SHC

As well as monitored the below programs,

  1. Monitoring of Mentorship program in 3 Health facilities
  2. Monitoring of AFGA clinic services
  3. Monitoring of MSI clinic services
  4. Opening, Observation and coaching of CBT FP training for 4 provinces in Nangarhar training center.
  5. Monitoring the MCH HB program in visited HFs

There were strengths point as well as some areas of concern which is needed to be improved.
A separate meeting is planned to share the findings with implementing NGO in MoPH to develop the action plan. This plan will be follow up in order to improve the health services delivery.