Family Planning and RHCS

The FP/RHCS Department of RMNCAH Directorate had the lead in oversight of family planning activities, setting policy and strategy, developing protocols, mentoring actions of implementing partners and coordinating with other stakeholders. The FP/RHCS department has primary responsibility for the Family Planning/ Birth Spacing and RHCS portion of the Reproductive Mother, Newborn, Child and Adolescence Health strategy.
The goal of FP/RHCS department is to improve the reproductive health status of families in Afghanistan through the provision of FP/BS services in partnership with communities, development partner and the private sector.
Two strategic approaches of RMNCAH  strategy are directly focused on improving provisions of Family Planning /Birth Spacing and RHCS services
Increasing coverage of FP/BS throughout the population, especially in rural areas and among poor and nomadic population, remains one of the RMNCAH directorate highest priorities as is encouraging young women to delay their first pregnancy. The FP/BS and RHCS Department will act primarily to coordinate, advocate and mobilize donor resources in collaboration with its partner.
Promoting family planning through advocacy and policy dialogue, Strengthen the capacity of health service providers to provide a full range of family planning methods, Improve provision of BS/FP services at all levels, Strength Community-Based BS/FP approaches, Increase information, education and communication (IEC) and behavior change communication (BCC) for wider use of BS/FP, Integration of BS/FP services into all levels of the private sector, Strength the flow of information including quantification estimates for RHCs so as to ensure ordering for regular supply of needed RHCs, ensure access to quality RHC and supplies, Strengthen in-service training in RHCS, Improve availability and access to RHCs, are the objective of FP/ RHCS Department.