RMNCAH Provincial Profile

The RMNCAH Provincial Profile is prepared to include the overall information of health sector with special concentration on RMNCAH indicators and it is intended to support the use of data for decision making by improving culture of data use for improving quality of health services which is an efficient and useful tool to regularly monitor the progress, follow-up and ensure improvement of provision of healthcare services in provincial level.
This document gathers RMNCAH related data from different sources including the RMNCH Scorecard, BPHS/EPHS Balance Scorecard, National Surveys such as Afghanistan Demographic Health Survey (AfDHS), Afghanistan Health Survey (AHS), thirs party evaluation reports of implementing partners, third party HMIS verification reports, RMNCAH stakeholders information, and cost per-capita information at provincial level in order to facilitate the use of data by provincial health managers at provinces.
Timely use of accurate data regarding the status of RMNCAH indicators aiming at reduction of maternal, newborn and child mortality which is the overall goal and priority of Ministry of Public Health.
The RMNCAH directorate is emphasizing on monitoring and evaluation and development of joint program and its on-time wide-spread implementation through evidence-based data collection, data analysis and data interpretation in central and provincial level by support of GD-EHIS, provincial public health directorates, and BPHS/EPHS implementing partners.
Preparation of RMNCAH Provincial Profile is yet another innovation of this directorate and it encourage the use of this document at central and provincial level specially for sharing of RMNCAH related information with provincial governor, provincial council, sectorial directorates, civil society, media and other health stakeholders.

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