SAARC Project

Project Information

  • Funded By: SAARC Development Fund (SDF)
  • Type of Fund: On-budget
  • Implemented by: Reproductive Health Directorate
  • Implementation Period: 2013 – 2016

Project Overall Objectives

  • Increasing the coverage and quality of services to prevent and treat RH problems
  • Improving access to and utilization of quality emergency and routine RH and newborn care services at community, outpatient and hospital levels
  • Strengthening organization development and management at central and provincial levels to ensure the effective and cost efficient delivery of quality RH services
  • Further development the capacity of health personnel to manage and better delivery RH services

Project Specific Activities

  • Infrastructure: Establishment of Facility Based Newborn Care (SNCU, NSU, NCC)*
  • Equipment: for established neonatal wards in identified Health facilities
  • Capacity building: improve the capacity of health personnel in mother and child health in identified health facilities

      *  SNCU: Special Newborn Care Unit | NSU: Newborn Stablization Unit | NCC: Newborn Care Corner

Implementing Process


Project Outputs

1. Standard Newborn Care Units established:

  • 15 Specialized Newborn Care Unit (SNCU)
  • 7 Newborn Stabilization Unit (NSU)
  • 22 Newborn Care Corner (NCC)

2. Comprehensive Newborn Care Training for 40 doctors and midwives

3. Training on proper utilization of newborn care units equipment for 60 health workers and hospital staff